The Hackable Midi Controller

What is it?

The N32B is a unique and flexible DIY midi controller that you can easily assemble yourself. It is also available as pre-assembled device.

Packed with 32 rotary potentiometers, midi I/O and midi over usb capabilities. Plug ‘n’ Play device, suitable for Mac and Windows users.
It comes with an intuitive editor, so you can change each knob to send any type of midi message.

N32B is Arduino based and easily hack-able, meaning you can write your own firmware and upload it with Arduino framework through the built in usb connector, making it possible to customise the device according to your needs.

It is an open-source project. You can fork and change anything you want, including the hardware. Build your own and share with us! We would love to see it developing and grow.

What can I do with it?

  • Connect it to a synthesizer to control its parameters.
  • Use it with your favourite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Pro Tools and more.
  • Control Adobe Lightroom parameters with hardware knobs.
  • Write your own firmware and create a midi probabilistic sequencer.

Where can I buy it?

The N32B is available in our shop as a DIY kit or as pre-assembled.

How do I build it?

After receiving your kit, follow this page (Build & use the N32B) for detailed instruction on how to build the N32B midi controller. Detailed videos on using the device and editor are also available there.

Can I source the components and build it by myself?

Yes! If you don’t want to purchase our DIY kits, you are welcome to check our GitHub and download all the hardware and firmware so you can manufacture it by yourself, we even provide STL files for 3d printing the enclosure.
We will update our repositories soon with the recent hardware changes, along with the matching firmware. We also offer the N32B editor as an open-source project.



  • Arduino Pro Micro
  • 32 potentiometers.
  • 2 buttons for channel/preset change.
  • Two-digit 7 segment display.


16 channels. Also supports custom channel assignment for each knob.

Midi Messages

  • Control change messages: With channel specific
  • NRPN messages
  • Accepts program change messages
  • High resolution (1023 steps)
  • Each knob is fully customizable with our N32B editor


5 programmable presets, each knob is fully customizable with our N32B editor software.

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