Firmware update

Firmware Updater v2.0.x

To update the firmware, visit our dedicated downloads page to access the latest Firmware Updater. Download the updater version 2 (or above) and proceed with the installation process. After successful installation, you will have the option to select and install any of the supported firmwares provided.

Firmware Updater v1.0.x

We recommend utilizing Firmware Updater version 2 or higher for optimal performance. The following instructions are intended for outdated Firmware Updaters that have been phased out.

In order to update the N32B firmware to the most recent version, kindly proceed by downloading the N32B-Firmware-updater as well as the latest firmware file from our dedicated downloads page.

Important notice! With the firmware updater software version 1.0.2, manual device reset is no longer required.

* Updating the device firmware will remove your saved presets from the device. Make sure to backup your presets on your computer.
**If you upgrade from version lower than 3.6.0, your old preset files won’t work with the new firmware, please contact us if you need assistant converting it to the new JSON format, or create new presets with the new web editor.

After installing the N32B-Firmware-updater, open the app and choose the firmware file you just downloaded.
Attach a tactile button to the reset marks on the board (no need to solder it).

You can also use a piece of metal wire if you don’t have a button. You can turn the device and connect it from the bottom part if you don’t want to remove the knob caps to reach the main board.
Connect only one end of the wire, so the device won’t reset itself (closing the circuit causes soft reset same as pressing a button).

Connect one end of the metal wire to reset the device

Quickly double press the reset button (or double tap the wire to connect the two connectors shown in the image above), wait 2 seconds and click the update button. The device should now reset itself.

It is advised to do a factory reset after updating to a new firmware.
To do a factory reset, disconnect the USB cable from the device, press and hold the up button, connect the USB device while still pressing the up button, wait 4-5 seconds and release the button. The display should show an infinity animation and boot up after a few seconds.

That’s it. You just updated your N32B firmware.