N32B V3 | Kit

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Additional information
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 29 × 6 cm
Enclosure Selection

Metal Enclosure, No Enclosure

Programmable Macro MIDI Controller

Simplify Your Workflow, Manage Multiple Parameters with a Single Knob.

Get more from your studio with the N32B V3. This game-changer allows you to control multiple settings with just one knob, making music creation smoother and quicker. It simplifies complex tasks, letting you focus more on your music.

32-Knob Controller with Macro Customization

Every knob on our controller is all about flexibility. It lets you manage multiple sound settings with a single twist, simplifying detailed adjustments. For each knob, or macro, you can:

  • Set minimum and maximum values.
  • Invert the value direction.
  • Choose a specific MIDI channel.

Enjoy unmatched customization for your sound.

MIDI Thru & Flexible Outputs

Our controller now includes MIDI Thru functionality and options for MIDI-USB, TRS, or both outputs simultaneously, enabling seamless integration and connectivity in any setup.

High-Resolution Mode

With 1023 steps available, our controller goes beyond the standard 127 steps offered by other controllers, providing enhanced precision for detailed sound adjustments.

Versatile MIDI Message Support

Designed for diverse musical expressions and functionalities, the N32B v3 supports an extensive array of MIDI messages for enhanced precision and control:

  • Control Change
  • Program Change
  • RPN
  • NRPN
  • Aftertouch
  • High-Resolution MIDI

Web Editor for Preset Management

Easily switch among 3 customizable presets and manage them with our web editor, enabling export and import of presets to your computer for enhanced control and setup flexibility.

Compact and Portable
The N32B v3, at just 20.9 cm x 13.5 cm (8.2″ x 5.3″), offers a sleek design ideal for mobile musicians. Easily fitting into bags, it ensures your production setup travels with you.

Stylish and Strong
Upgraded with a sturdy metal frame, it combines elegance with resilience, ensuring it looks good and withstands the test of time.


  • Midi Messages Control Change, RPN, NRPN, Program Change, Aftertouch
  • Resolution High resolution - up to 1023 steps
  • Channels 16 Global channels. Supports custom channel assignment for each knob/macro
  • Presets 3 quick presets, easily managed via our web editor with the ability to import/export unlimited settings.
  • IN/OUT/THRU TRS 3.5mm (1/8″)
  • USB 1 x USB Type C
  • Compatibility Mac, Windows

Inside the box

  • Device 1 x N32B Kit
  • Power 1 x USB C to USB A cable
  • Connectors 1 x TRS to MIDI DIN5 Adapter

N32B v3: Sleek DIY Kit in Black Aluminum Enclosure

The N32B v3 DIY Kit is a fantastic opportunity for hands-on enthusiasts to build their own MIDI controller. This kit, complete with all necessary components, invites you to craft a tool tailored to your creative needs. It’s perfect for both hobbyists and professional musicians, transforming into a sleek, high-performance MIDI controller housed in a durable, black aluminum shell. For detailed assembly instructions, refer to our N32B v3 DIY: Complete Assembly Guide.

Kit Variations:

  • Complete DIY Kit (Metal Enclosure): Ideal for those who want everything in one package, including a robust metal enclosure.
  • Complete DIY Kit (No Enclosure): Perfect for customizers looking to build or design their own enclosure.