Hi! We’re pleased to announce the release of firmware version 4.5.4 for our N32B MIDI controller. This update brings a host of new features and improvements that enhance the functionality and performance of your N32B. Let’s dive into what’s new and how these changes can elevate your music production experience.

Key Fixes and Improvements

Firmware 4.5.4 includes a fix for knob sensitivity, providing more precise control and consistent response.

We’ve also improved display stability when moving multiple knobs. The value of the first knob moved will now remain visible on the display.

Improved MIDI Throughput

We’ve also removed the soft Thru limits, allowing the N32B to handle fast incoming messages, such as MIDI clock, more efficiently. This enhancement ensures that your MIDI signals are transmitted quickly and accurately. However, since this feature is still experimental, we recommend using the Hardware Thru when possible, as it can handle heavy message throughput more effectively.

Snapshot Feature

Firmware 4.5.4 introduces a snapshot feature that lets you send a snapshot of the current state of all knobs on the N32B. In preset selection mode, hold down the lower button to send a snapshot of the current knob positions. You can also trigger the snapshot feature with an incoming SysEx message. Detailed instructions are available in our new “N32B MIDI Implementation Manual.”

N32B MIDI Implementation Manual

Alongside the firmware update, we’re releasing the first version of the “N32B MIDI Implementation Manual.” This manual provides detailed information on the SysEx incoming messages available in the device and is useful for anyone who wants to get more out of their N32B.

Updating to Firmware 4.5.4

To enjoy all these new features and improvements, you’ll need to update your N32B to firmware version 4.5.4. The process is straightforward—just follow the instructions on our N32B Firmware Updater page. We’ve made the update process as simple and user-friendly as possible, so you can quickly get back to creating music with the latest enhancements.

Talk With Us!

We’re always looking to improve our products based on your feedback, so please let us know how these new features are working for you. Happy music making!

Feel free to share your experiences with the new firmware update on our Facebook community or our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email us at [email protected]. We love hearing how our tools are helping you create amazing music!