Part 1: N32B Firmware 4.5.0 Release – Enhanced Control and Functionality

We’re excited to announce the release of firmware version 4.5.0 for the N32B MIDI controller, bringing a host of improvements that refine your control and expand functionality. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Improved Knob Precision and Sensitivity: Each knob now responds more accurately to your tweaks, providing better control and enabling finer adjustments to your sound.
  2. Enhanced Range and Invert Options: We’ve addressed some issues in the range and invert settings to ensure they work more intuitively, making it easier to configure these parameters exactly as you need.
  3. Individual Output Control: Output settings can now be configured per knob or macro instead of per preset. This means each knob can independently send messages through MIDI TRS output, MIDI USB, or both simultaneously, giving you more flexibility, especially in macro mode.
  4. New After Touch and Program Change Modes: We’ve introduced Mono and Poly After Touch modes, as well as Program Change mode, expanding the expressive capabilities of your controller.
  5. Updated Firmware Updater Software: To make updating your N32B simpler and more reliable, we’ve released a new version of our firmware updater software.

Part 2: Introducing the Web Editor V3 – A Fresh Interface with Enhanced Capabilities

Alongside the firmware update, we’re thrilled to roll out the new Web Editor V3. This latest version of our web editor is packed with features that make configuring your N32B easier and more intuitive:

  1. Revamped Interface: The new look of the Web Editor V3 is not only sleeker but also more responsive, adapting smoothly to different screen sizes. We’re also working on mobile device support to ensure you can tweak settings on the go. The addition of color coding for modes allows you to quickly visualize and understand the preset configurations right from the editor’s screen.
  2. Customizable Knob Labels and Faceplate Creation: You can now assign names to each knob directly within the editor, which helps in personalizing your setup further. Additionally, the new option to create a faceplate template enables you to design and print a custom faceplate, making your controller uniquely yours.
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We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are! With these enhancements, your N32B is now even more adaptable and intuitive, helping you to bring out the best in your music. As always, we love hearing from you. Share your experiences, thoughts, or any cool creations using the N32B—let’s keep making music that inspires. Happy tweaking, and here’s to endless musical possibilities!