We received a lot of requests for an assembled version. Well, it is almost ready, and wanted to give you a peek at the N32B MKII prototype – which is a pre-assembled version of the original N32B kit.
A few changes have made, except for the obvious full aluminum case with oak side panels:

  • MIDI I/O with DIN 5 connectors instead of the TRS.
  • USB B instead of the micro USB
  • Accessible reset button, for easier firmware updates or alternative firmware (more on that up next).
  • Full aluminum case with sandblast finish.
  • Side panels made from Oak. We also testing some other wood options like African walnut.

The knobs are 3D printed in this prototype. We are considering design our own knobs, so we test some designs to check how it feels and how it looks.


Fresh look

The N32B needed a fresh look and feel, so we add a new variation to the midi controller, a black aluminum with sandblast finish. It comes with a couple of button caps for the tactile buttons.

N32B with black aluminum top panel

Alternative firmware

Being an open firmware is a great opportunity to explore some coding skills and alternative firmware.
The first alternative firmware we are working on will offer a dual CC message for the same knob. It will be configurable with the editor. It feels more like a feature than a full firmware, but it cannot be applied together with the high resolution mode the N32B supports at the moment, due to memory limits of the chip. The standard midi messages resolution, plus dual CC mode per knob, should be great addon.

The second alternative we are working on is a turing-machine sequencer. It is basically a 4 channel random sequencing midi generator, in-which you can control the amount of randomness and lock the sequence so it won’t change. Each channel will have 8 knobs to control the parameters for each generator.

We like to keep up with the technology, so we are moving all firmware into PlatformIO framework. So far, the results are pleasing.

Sharing is caring

Our Facebook community group is growing!
We created it for you to share your builds, firmware, presets, hacks and anything around the N32B midi controller.
You are welcome to join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/n32bcommunity

Thank you

We received some good feedbacks from our customers, we really appreciate it and will try to apply the suggestions and ideas you sent us, thanks 🙂