It’s been busy days and nights, but we officially opened our shop, Hurray!

Whole Lotta Love

After filming a short commercial and releasing it to the social networks, we received a lot of good feedbacks, personal messages and emails, so thank you for that we appreciate it.
Yes, sales are coming in as well and we are about to deliver the kits to our lucky customers 🙂

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We know, it looks awesome

Rock and Roll

More of the technical stuff, another version of the N32B firmware is about to be released, with better precision. We will ship the latest version with the purchased kits. We will release as well a matching editor.
We are also about to release an updated DXF and 3d model file for those who prefer to customize their own enclosure. Just doing last tests.

In the Evening

We received a lot of requests for endless encoders, which is still in development. It might be a little different from the N32B and more DAW oriented. Since potentiometers (like in the N32B) are sending absolute values, it is more common to use it with hardware instruments, although it works perfectly with any DAW as a regular midi controller. Endless encoders are more suitable for working with computers and DAWs.
Faders version is also in demand, and we are still investigating it.

All My Love

Please drop us a message with our contact us page or through FB and Instagram, if you have suggestions, ideas or questions, we promise to answer everyone!