A lot has been going since the last post update, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Introducing the N32B Editor app

After several long nights of massive programming, we finally finished the first version of the N32B desktop companion app. This app will allow you to easily set each knob with a specific control change value, invert the values, or set a knob to a specific channel. You can also set an NRPN control with the app.
It has an easy-to-understand interface – which is the actual N32B midi controller. Just click on the desired knob and change its settings.

Written with up-to-date reactJs framework and wrapped by electronJs, so it works on Windows and Mac operating systems. There is a Linux version which was not tested yet.

You can download the app from our download page.

Like all good things, the app is open sourced, so you can fork it from our GitHub repository and use it with your own custom midi controller.

DIY kits

The first DIY kits are being packed, and soon you will be able to purchase them in our store.


Started working on wooden enclosure. The options are endless and we wish to allow you to choose your enclosure design along with the top panel. It takes more time to test and prepare the build process, but it will be worth the waiting!

Keep the vibes, make some music & stay healthy!