Hello to all our music tech enthusiasts!

We’re excited to bring you some thrilling updates from our workshop that are sure to resonate with both DIY hobbyists and professional musicians alike. Let’s dive into what’s new and what’s coming!

The New N32B v3 DIY Kit

The N32B has always been a beloved project for many of you, and we took your feedback seriously. That’s why we’re introducing the new N32B v3 DIY Kit – a more user-friendly and precise version of its predecessor.

Easier Assembly, Enhanced Precision

Easy-to-Assemble DIY Kit: The N32B v3 comes with the hard work done for you, as most parts are pre-soldered. You’ll only need to solder the potentiometers, 3 TRS connectors, and the display – all using straightforward through-hole soldering.

Enhanced Stability with Capacitor Coupled Potentiometers: We’ve added capacitors to each potentiometer. This simple yet effective upgrade significantly reduces electrical noise, ensuring smoother and more precise control.

Connectivity and Design Upgrades

  • Real Hardware MIDI THRU: In addition to the I/O TRS connector, there’s now a dedicated MIDI THRU connector.
  • Rear Connectors: For a sleeker design and easier access, all connectors are now at the back.
  • Upgraded Connectivity with USB-C: The N32B v3 now features an Arduino Pro Micro equipped with a USB-C connector.

Stylish and Functional Enclosure

New Aluminum Enclosure: The device comes encased in a stylish aluminum enclosure with flash-mounted MIDI I/O and USB connectors.


The N32B v3 is available as both a DIY Kit and pre-assembled in our shop.

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The Exciting Upcoming S32

While the N32B v3 is making waves, we’re also gearing up for something bigger – the S32. The ‘S’ stands for ‘super’, and rightly so. Here’s why:

  • Advanced MCU: Expect faster processing with an advanced MCU.
  • Macro Functionality: Up to 4 macros per knob for complex controls.
  • Expanded MIDI Capabilities: 1 MIDI Input, 1 MIDI Thru, and 2 MIDI Outputs, plus support for various MIDI messages.
  • OLED Display: Navigate easily with an OLED display showing knob names and menus.
  • MIDI Learn: Easy mapping of controls.
  • CV Expansion Capabilities: Includes a mini HDMI connector, designed for upcoming enhancements such as Eurorack CV outputs.
  • Improved Control Design: Features an encoder with an integrated push button, simplifying menu navigation and settings adjustment.
  • Firmware Features in the Works: We’re planning special sequencers and more for the firmware.

Be Part of Our Journey

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Your support and feedback have been instrumental in these developments. We can’t wait to see what you create with the N32B v3 and the S32. Let’s continue to revolutionize the music tech world together!