Firmware Update 4.0.1 Features

Hey there, music enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to announce the roll-out of Firmware Version 4.0.1 for our N32B MIDI Controller. Notably, this update is packed with features set to revolutionize your music production journey. Let’s delve into what this new firmware brings to the table.

Upgraded Macros for the N32B

Firstly, do you remember the buzz around the macros in our previous update? Well, we’ve taken it up a notch in Firmware 4.0.1. Each knob on the N32B now supports dual macros, giving you more customization power. Moreover, you can dive into new settings like minimum and maximum values, and tweak the channel configurations for each macro. Consequently, these enhancements are all about giving you more control and flexibility to fine-tune your sound exactly how you want it.

Choose Your Output: USB, TRS, or Both!

Additionally, flexibility is key in music production, and with the N32B’s new output selection mode, you get just that. Whether you’re all about USB, TRS, or love mixing both, this controller adapts to your preferred setup seamlessly. Therefore, this feature is all about ensuring the N32B fits perfectly into your unique music-making process.

Thru Selection Mode: Customized MIDI Routing

Furthermore, the Firmware 4.0.1 introduces an exciting range of Thru selection modes for the N32B, enhancing your MIDI routing options. With six modes to choose from, you can now route MIDI signals just the way you need. Options range from disabling Thru mode entirely to various USB and TRS combinations, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in connecting with different MIDI devices.

sysEx Firmware Version 30.1.1: Expanding Compatibility

In addition to the main firmware, we’re also releasing the sysEx firmware version 30.1.1 for the N32B. This version expands the sysEx messages limit, allowing for greater synthesizer variety. As this firmware is still in beta, we’re eager to hear your feedback to refine it further.

Introducing the N32B Web Editor

Lastly, to make the most of Firmware 4.0.1 and the new sysEx firmware, check out our new web editor. It’s an intuitive tool designed to help you configure and fine-tune your N32B settings easily. Although in its pre-release phase, you can explore its features here -> N32B Web Editor.

Streamlined Firmware Updating

Also, updating your N32B is now a breeze with our new firmware uploader tool. This user-friendly tool makes selecting and uploading firmware straightforward, ensuring your device is always up-to-date with the latest enhancements.

We Want Your Feedback!

Finally, your input is invaluable to us. Join the N32B community in testing these new firmware updates and share your experiences. Your feedback is crucial in helping us shape the N32B’s future and ensure it delivers the best music production experience.

Let’s embark on an exciting musical journey with the enhanced N32B MIDI Controller. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to hear the incredible music you’ll create! 🎵🎹